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Camb P150

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Product Overview
Camb P150 through-wall radar is a high-tech surveillance equipment which adopts ultra-wideband radar technology, specially designed for police, military and other special fileds.
Camb P150 analyses the time-domain doppler echo produced by human motion to determine whether the person in the building is living and get the person’s specific location information,at the same time Cambrate P150 takes advantage of the ultra-wideband electromagnetic pulse signal’s strong penetrating for obstructions(e.g wall) , combines with professional radar signal processing algorithms, and realizes the rapid positioning function for the person hiding in the building, to help combat personnel to select the best opportunity for combat, and reduce the blindness of the action and the risk of casualties.
The entire device is small size, light weight, easy operation and precise positioning. In addition, the device is designed in accordance with IP67 ,and meet the harsh operational environment requirements.

Basic functions
1、Non-contact detection capability
Through-wall radar can accurately detect and display the person’s location information and the movement trace within a certain range in front of the radar.
2 Through obstacles function
Through-wall radar can make use of the electromagnetic waves to penetrate obstacles, make a effective detection for the person hiding after the obstacles, and does not need to detory the wall.
3、Multi-display modes
Cambrate P150 has 2D display mode, which can observe the object expediently. In the 2D display mode, it can use front view, side view, top view and a comprehensive view to display a multi-angle observation object.
4、Automatically determine function
Cambrate P150 can automatically determine and display the moving target trajectory and real-time location information by using core algorithm.
5、Remote control function
User can use a laptop computer to connect with Cambrate P150 by wired or wireless, and complete the remote monitoring and data recording .

1、 Good penetrability for obstacles. The effective observation distance is 30m after penetrating 30cm brick wall.
2、 Friendly software interface, easy to operate
3、 Variety of display modes,such as backlight, luminous and strong light.
4、 Constructed from highly durable materials to withstand harsh environments
5、 Remote monitoring and data recording using a laptop computer
6、 Can be tripod-mounted for long-term surveillance

Typical applications
 Get the hostile situation behide the wall quickly
 Check the buildings and find the object could be hiding or ambush
 Rescue the captured hostages,and obtain the location information of the criminals, hostage in the room
 Enhance the accuracy of the military action strategy, and increase the chance of success
 Reduce the risk of casualties in combat

  Urban Warfare
  Fight against Terrorism
  Criminal Investigation
  Hostage Rescue

Product Specifications

Product Type

Camb P150

Radar System


Freqency Range




Detection Range

Movement object :30m;still object :12m

Detection Angle

120( Horizontal);900(Vertical)

Penetration material

Concrete, adobe, brick, wood and other non-metallic;low moisture content of wall

Detection Function

Person under Motion or still

Display Mode

2D Color Display




11 Kg

Battery Type

Rechargeable lithium hydroxide battery

Battery Work Time

3~5 hour

Operating Temperature


Security Level

IP67,Adapt to the harsh operational environment