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Through-wall radar 

Through-wall radar is a sensing device to locate people on the other side of a wall in dangerous and high risk situations. 
Police, law enforcement agencies use Through-wall radar in situations where they need to ascertain information regarding human movement behind solid structures.
Search and rescue organizations use Through-wall radar in hazardous or dangerous situations, for example to detect movement in hostage situations.

1、Through-wall radar PRISM200

prism 200 is a handheld through-wall radar, which has been designed to be used by police, special forces or the emergency services.
It provides quick and covert intelligence on the movement and location of people in a room or building -without the need for invasive sensors. prism 200 has been designed for situations where a high degree of insight is essential for success. 
This compact, portable and durable product uses advanced signal processing to highlight moving people and objects in cluttered environments, through doors or brick, block and concrete walls. prism 200 is easy to use and with the press of a button, operators can switch between front, plan or profile views for a complete picture. The user can also observe the scenario in a 3D view, where the perspective can be rotated to look at a room or building from various vantage points.
To extend the flexible operation of Prism 200 a Laptop Application has been developed that allows the user to remotely monitor and record the intelligence gathered.  This permits Special Forces or Police Special Operation teams to deploy the Prism 200 Through Wall Radar and monitor the intelligence from a safe distance.

Suitable for the quick evaluation of room occupancy 
Can be tripod-mounted for long-term surveillance 
Constructed from highly durable materials to withstand harsh environments 
Remote monitoring and data recording using a laptop computer 

Through-wall radar can detect human activities behind walls, and it can be used by public security, armed police and other departments to implement the special tasks. 

Configuration and the main technical parameters: 
Detection range ≤ 20 m (detect human activities behind walls); 
Observation range :Azimuth ≤ 120, Vertical ≤ 900; 
Through-wall radar display: 2D, 3D color display, 640 × 480 resolution;
Perspective to the wall materials: wood (wall), 9 inches brick, hollow brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, etc.; 
Frequency range: 1.7GHz-2.2GHz; Resolution: 30 cm;
Transmit power: the average for the entire bandwidth is -10dBm/MHz;
Single battery charge can be used for 3 -5 hours (standby generally ≥ 24 hours).